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Animal removal service contracts Connecticut

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RF wildlife offers yearly animal control service contracts for home and business owners that have numerous or reoccurring nuisance wildlife problems. If you have chipmunks and mole problems during the spring and summer, and mice, or squirrels invading your home during the fall and winter. This service is for you, and also covers the incidentals such as raccoons getting in your garbage, skunks digging up your lawn, possums living under your deck. No need to worry about calling someone and hoping they can fit you into their schedule. Our contract customers are priority and you will be serviced in a fast and reliable manner. All for one low monthly price.   


What does a yearly wildlife service contract include?


Our animal control contracts include the following services:

  • monthly property inspections
  • animal trapping as needed
  • light exclusion work (filling a crack in a foundation etc.)

    Wildlife removal service contracts Connecticut

    Flying squirrels removed from attic Guilford, Connecticut wildlife control service contract job

  • Monthly updates via e-mail
  • animal damage control consultation
  • on call service


During our monthly property inspections we inspect for the the first signs of animal damage, and immediately take action to reduce wildlife damage.  We trap and remove all of the following animals: moles, mice, rats, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, opossum, Chipmunks, woodchucks, rabbits, snakes, weasels and some birds. We will perform light exclusion work to keep the animals out of your home. Example: (squirrel chewed a hole into your attic louver vent. We will remove the squirrel and cover the vent. No extra charge )  You will be updated via e-mail monthly, if not more frequently on your properties wildlife control problems status. We will consult with you on areas of your property which need improvement or modification to keep animals out. RF Wildlife will be on call and available to service your account  If you notice, animal damage occurring between inspections. For inquiries on this service call 860-510-6313