Baby squirrel in house

Baby squirrel in the house during the winter

Rf Wildlife gets a lot of calls about baby squirrels running around in houses during the wintertime. Almost all of the time the squirrel you’re seeing is not a baby it’s a southern flying squirrel. Flying squirrels are confused with baby squirrels because they are one third the size of an average gray squirrel. Their eyes seem to be overly large, they have flat tails and white bellies. Most of the time they will be found in the house at night. Flying squirrels are nocturnal, and it is very rare to have only a few of them in the house during the winter months.  The colonies are usually 10 – 40 animals. They normally gain access to the house from the upper levels. Flying squirrels will travel down walls and sometimes get into the living areas. They are not aggressive but rather tame.

Baby squirrels will be just about the same size as adults by the time winter arrives. The last litter of gray squirrels would have been born by September or October in most cases. This is not a hard fast rule for squirrels that are born in attics or other places in a house. Occasionally a female squirrel may have a late litter and their survival rate inside the human structure is much greater than if they were born outdoors. The baby squirrels from that litter may actually continue that same cycle. As you can see it is possible that you have a baby squirrel in the house.

Chipmunks in attic during the winter

Chipmunks in the attic is another common call also confused for flying squirrel problem. Flying squirrels look a lot like Chipmunks if all you get is a quick glimpse. They are the same size and shape when not in flight. During the winter Chipmunks will be in their dens in near hibernation, they wake up often to eat from their stores. When in a house Chipmunks will tend to be closer to the basement, rarely are they found in attics.

If the baby squirrels you found in your house looks like the animal in this picture you have a flying squirrels. Give us a call to set up an inspection. This is not a problem. You want to deal with by yourself. We remove squirrels from houses all over Connecticut and are experienced with flying squirrel removal one of the hardest animals to evict. 860-510-6313

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