Connecticut Bat exclusion winter 2018-2019

For Bat exclusions call 860-510-6313 

I am getting many bat in the house calls this winter. I believe it is because of our weather pattern in Connecticut this year. I have been called out for a bat in the bedroom of Clinton, Bat in the bathroom in Madison, Bat in the living room in Branford. Had a bat in the fireplace in Haddam and Old Lyme.

I have a list growing for bat exclusion in Hamden and other towns. In Connecticut Bat removal usually has to wait until spring. Bats are hibernating right now and the reason the bats are moving around in the house is do to our temperature shifts. It should slow down with the cold weather that must be coming soon. Bats will get lost occasionally when moving around in winter.

If you find a bat in the living space in the wintertime it is a good chance you have a bat problem in the home. Big Brown bats are the usual suspects when bats get in the house in winter. Big Brown Bats are known to hibernate in attics and walls. If they move during a weather change they can sound like mice in the wall or mice in the ceiling. Unlike mice usually when you bang on a wall or ceiling you hear bat noise in the bats will continue moving. Mice will usually freeze with a loud noise and Flying squirrels or gray squirrels will run. If you think you have bats in the attic, squirrels in the wall give RF Wildlife a call 860-510-6313

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