Gopher Removal

Gopher Exterminator

Connecticut is not home to any gophers, but the term gopher is often used to describe any ground dwelling animal by many people in CT. The most common Digging Nuisance animals in Connecticut are Moles and Voles, Groundhogs or Woodchucks, Skunks, Chipmunks. You most likely do not need gopher removal but maybe in need of another service. For service call  860-510-63143

Woodchuck or Groundhog

Woodchuck removal

Woodchuck removed from Woodbridge CT

Some times confused for giant gophers the woodchuck otherwise known as ground hog is the largest of our ground dwelling rodents.  Being the largest woodchucks also have many different names throughout the country these are a few. Whistle pig, Marmot, Groundhog, Land Beaver, and Gopher. In Connecticut they are typically just called woodchuck. I have a page dedicated to Woodchuck removal just click on the link: Woodchuck Removal


Get Rid of Moles

Star-nosed mole on left Eastern Mole on right Trapped in Old Lyme CT

Yard moles out of any of the listed animals are number one in being confused with Gophers.  I believe it is because of the movie Caddy shack, but who knows.  Yard moles are the animals that leave the tunnels throughout the lawn.  Connecticut has two species of moles the star nosed, and eastern.  Moles do not hibernate and you may see damage during the winter if the ground is not frozen. Here is a page dedicated to the removal of yard moles: Mole Removal

Yard Mole removal ct

Mole damage to lawn often confused for Gopher damage


Skunk holes or dens are sometimes confused with gopher holes in Connecticut.  Skunk den holes are typically about the size of a softball or grapefruit.  The largest call volume for skunk removal comes two times a year. February to March is the first, this is the breeding season and they spray often at this time.  If during Feb-Mar you are woken up during the middle of the night because the smell of skunk is so strong,  you most likely have a female skunk has taken up residence some place along or under your home.  The other time of the year is late spring early summer. Baby skunks become active at this time of the year and may be out during daylight hours.  Here is a page dedicated to skunk removal: Skunk Removal

skunk CT

Skunk den in a crawl space CT. Sometimes confused with gopher hole


Chipmunk holes are sometimes confused with Gopher holes. Chipmunk holes will go straight down a couple inches before turning, and will have no dirt around the hole. The size of the hole is usually under two inches. Here is a page dedicated to chipmunk removal: Chipmunk Removal

 Gopher removal

The term Gopher removal CT may have brought you here, but gophers are most likely not the problem. Check out the links provided on this page or just give RF Wildlife a call 860-510-6313. We can help you with skunk removal, woodchuck removal, mole extermination, or chipmunk removal along with others.