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Star-nosed mole on left Eastern Mole on right Trapped in Old Lyme CT

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Mole trapping is the only way to remove moles from your yard that works. Every hardware store has mole poisons and traps to remove moles, the mole baits rarely work and without an understanding of mole behavior and how to trap moles most home owners get frustrated quickly after wasting Hundreds of dollars on mole traps, mole and gopher poison and yard grub control services. for mole extermination call 860-510-6313

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First a little on mole behavior. Moles do not hibernate moles are active year round. In winter they will follow the food source deeper into the ground under the frost line. Home owners in Madison CT and Branford call in the middle of winter for mole exterminator sometimes when we have a warm spell for me to trap their moles. That’s fine I typically do yearly contracts where moles are concerned. As I write this it is January and I am mole trapping in Kilingworth CT, Westbrook mole traps are in, even have some mole traps setup in Waterford CT. I am surprised by mole trapping in Killingworth because usually that town stays colder. Old Lyme mole trapping in winter is more common because it is warmer being near the water. I set yearly contracts on moles for a few reasons. Number one moles have two times a year when they disperse from the nest. Typically moles have two litters a year. Moles are territorial and will fight to the death over territory.

My Other Mole trapping page explains more on this. The main reason I do a yearly mole contract is it is better for the customer. It could be a week or month later and you get a new mole. Other companies will charge a new service fee, I charge per catch. Seems to work out best and customers seem happy with this way of charging. I am nearly full time Mole trapper because of the amount of repeat customers I have for these Mole pests. Unfortunately we have no way to keep moles out of yards permanently. I have customers who have tried installing Metal walls three feet deep in Chester Ct near Haddam CT to keep moles out yet it did not work. Mole trapping has worked well and one customer I usually only have to trap one mole every few years now. Others I am at yearly or a few times a year it is unpredictable if moles will return or not.

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When I am mole trapping I use typically two styles of mole traps. My go to Mole trap is a mole trap that goes underground. All you see is a flag that shows the spot my mole trap ends. It will normally have two traps per set. I may use 6 traps I may use 12 mole traps it all depends on the lawn. The other trap I use to remove yard moles is a mole trap that sticks out of the ground. Weathersfield and Rocky Hill CT mole traps like this are often used because of the soil. Madison CT mole trapping can be difficult because of sandy soil. Colchester mole trapping and lyme mole trapping can be as difficult as trapping moles in Haddam because of the rocky soil. I will post a picture below of mole trap set.

mole traps set on a mole run from the woods in Clinton CT
Flags marking underground mole traps
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Star-nosed mole pest removal trapped in Essex CT

Above two pictures of mole trapping setup and a mole after being caught in a trap. The mole above is one of two species of mole we have in CT. This is a star nosed mole you can see the finger like end of the moles nose and how it was named. Star nosed moles are less common in CT and are almost always found near water. they swim more often then not through their tunnels. Eastern mole trapping is much more common in Connecticut. the picture below is an Eastern Mole.

Mole removal Westbrook, Connecticut
Mole removed from Westbrook, Connecticut

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