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Raccoon in attic or chimney.

Raccoon removal Middletown, Connecticut

During early spring raccoons invade attics and chimneys to have a safe place to bear their young. Early April is the peak season for raccoon removal in Connecticut. This is when we get most of our calls on how to get rid of raccoons from attics and chimneys.


These animals are incredibly powerful and can tear off shingles, roof vents, and louver vents to gain access to attic. Once inside an attic or chimney they will create a nest.  They are very destructive and will tear up insulation, wiring, break open air-conditioning ducts, and will also investigate any items you have stored in the attic. Raccoons will choose a spot for their latrine (toilet). They always urinate and defecate in the same spot or spots. This will destroy the insulation, and possibly soak through and destroy the sheet rock . The picture shown is a raccoon toilet.

Attic raccoon latrine CT


Determining if you have raccoons in your attic or chimney.


  • Seeing raccoons close to the house, especially on roof or deck.
  • Damage to the outside of building.
  • Loud noises, scratching sounds, it would sounds like birds chirping (baby raccoon sounds).
  • Loud noises in your attic at night, may sound like a person.
  • Muddy tracks and scratches on downspouts. 



Raccoon Trapping and Removal Middletown CT


 Trapping raccoons or raccoon removal in Middletown is the only 100% effective way to deal with them. Excluding (sealing off entrance points, and possible entrance points) without first trapping and removing is not effective, and may also cause greater damage to the home if it separates mother raccoon from young. Mother raccoon needs to be trapped prior to extracting the babies.  RF Wildlife trained professional trappers use only humane traps which are checked daily. Our traps will normally be covered, to keep the animal out of the elements and give it a sense of security.


Animal Proofing (exclusion) for raccoons in Middletown CT.


After we trap and remove all the animals from your attic or chimney in Middletown. We will then animal proof the home. In wildlife removal services we call this exclusion. We will seal off entrance points to keep the animals out of the attic. We can install chimney caps
so no more raccoons can access the chimney. RF Wildlife’s exclusion work comes with a warranty. If raccoons break through any of our animal proofing work during the warranty period we will return and repair the damage for free.


Attic clean outs do to raccoons in Middletown CT.

Raccoon in attic Middletown

Once the raccoons are removed from the attic or the chimney and the exclusion is performed, it’s time to clean up the mess. A separate price will be given for this service.Raccoon feces can be infected with raccoon roundworm eggs. Full protective gear needs to be worn during attic restoration to to close contact with the hazards. We will clean up the latrines, remove the affected insulation, disinfect, deodorize and replace insulation.

Health risks when dealing with raccoons


Raccoon populations have been increasing significantly in Middletown CT since the rabies outbreak back in the 90s. Raccoons are considered a rabies vector species in Connecticut. Meaning they are considered high risk animal for contracting rabies. Coons can also have canine distemper. Raccoon roundworm is of particular concern when cleaning feces out of attics or chimneys. Mange can also be transmitted by raccoons.

Raccoon removal should be performed by a professional. Raccoons are extremely dangerous. We have trapped and removed raccoons from many different type of situations. We have removed raccoons from cars, trucks, boats, garages and under decks, sheds. Give RF Wildlife a call to get rid of raccoons in Middletown CT. 860-510-6313

Middletown CT Raccoon removal