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Most wildlife control jobs begin with animal trapping and removal. We will humanely trap and remove the nuisance wildlife causing the damage. After the animals are removed. The next step should be animal proofing the problem area. With some animals (bats, flying squirrels, raccoons) . Other possible entry points must be addressed to effectively animal proof. This may include insulation of vent covers, chimney caps, attic louver vent screening, deck or shed screening etc.

Repairs: The only true solution to fix a problem with wildlife or rodents residing in your home is to locate how those animals gained a way in to the inside of the structure, followed by patching off and closing shut all these points for good. This really is just what our company specializes in, and it is an essential component of every wildlife removal job. If you have bats residing in your attic or walls, they’re inevitably getting into the residence through any number of openings. Could perhaps be unscreened roof top vents, open Air Conditioning chase, spaces within the exterior, loose-fitting soffit screen, or a number of other areas. It will require a knowledgeable eye along with a thorough knowledge of both building construction as well as animal behavior in order to realize all of the points which animals most likely will use to gain access into a home. An opening that many individuals would disregard – or never discover – we will discover it and determine if critters are actually utilizing it to get inside the structure. As soon as we have gotten rid of all the animals out of your home, we seal off each and every one of these open spaces and gaps, furthermore we seal off them completely. We guarantee all of our fixes – no chance an animal will likely ever get past them anymore.

occasionally the landscaping may attract nuisance wildlife. We will counsel you about possible habitat modifications that can be done to reduce wildlife attraction.

We also offer animal damage and inhabitant inspections. This type of inspection is useful when buying a home. Home inspectors normally only inspect homes to make sure they are up to code. They’re not looking for possible animal inhabitants.  Mouse droppings are common in most attics especially in older homes. Home inspectors can easily mistaken bat guano for mouse droppings.  Bat exclusions and cleanups are involved costs can be in the thousands.