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Squirrels are one of the most common pest animals(rodents) we remove from homes and businesses in Haddam CT. Gray squirrel, flying squirrel, and red squirrel are the top offenders. Listed are the most common complaints.

Squirrels in traps

  • Squirrels in attics.

  • Chewing open and living in soffits

  •  Nesting in chimneys

  • Chewing on vents and siding

  • Squirrels raiding bird feeders

  •  Running loose in the house.

Why there are squirrels in your in your Rocky Hill attic.

Squirrels are living in your attic because it is safe, dry and predator free the perfect place to raise young. The survival rate of young squirrels is much higher. Being raised in an attic versus being raised in a tree. To a squirrel your Haddam home is nothing but a funny looking

Squirrels in attic Rocky Hill CT

hollow tree. Once one has been raised in an attic. Attic living is all it knows, and if the attic it was born in is occupied the squirrel will find another attic to raise its young. We will trap and remove squirrels, and also squirrel proof the entry points.

Are there squirrels in your soffits?

They will chew into soffits if the wood is weak or there is a gap they can exploit. It takes  no time at all for them to chew a hole into a soffit and have a ready-made den site. Gray squirrels are pretty much a chainsaw with the fuzzy tail. Squirrel removal would be the first step, then fix the damage the squirrel caused to your Haddam CT home or business.

Nesting in chimneys.
They sometimes nest in chimneys, but this is not very common. They will explore uncapped chimneys and in doing so fall in and become stuck. It will become trapped. If the dampers closed many times the squirrel will die.
We will remove dead or live animal’s from chimneys in Haddam CT and can install chimney caps so no other animals can occupy the chimney.


Why are squirrels chewing on my attic vents, and siding?

If the animals were evicted from another home in the neighborhood, they will try to get into other homes in the same spot that their old access hole was. So if a squirrel was excluded from your neighbors house and was getting in an attic vent. That same animal will try a vent at your house, even if there is an easier access point on your house. This is because they are a creature of habit. Squirrel trapping and squirrel removal is recommended. In such cases.


Squirrels raiding birdfeeders in Haddam CT.

It is common for them to raid and destroy birdfeeders. There are many products on the market to keep squirrels away from birdfeeders. They will keep on trying to defeat any

Flying squirrels on a roof in Rocky Hill CT

deterrent you put up. And in this way. They are incredible problem solvers. You can watch an amazing videos of them on YouTube.

Squirrels running loose in the house.

There can be many reasons one may get trapped in a living area. Sometimes a door is left open, they fall down chimneys, fall down vents or any number of other places. If a squirrel is trapped in your home you can open up your doors and try to herd the animal outside. They can cause alot of damage if they are panicked indoors, knocking over chairs and breaking items. If you’re not home. They will chew on windowsills doors and anywhere else that they see light from the outside.

RF Wildlife has expertise in trapping and removing squirrels from Haddam CT. We will trap and remove problem squirrels, and also animal proof your home or business so no other animal’s will move in. We will inspect the damage, can remove nests and cleanup the feces and waste left behind. We will remove and replace attic insulation. If necessary. Give us a call to get rid of squirrels Haddam CT 860-510-6313