Squirrel in Attic

Most people first realize that they have a gray squirrel in attic problem when they start hearing typical noises like gnawing, scampering or scurrying above their heads. You can

squirrels damage attic vent

squirrels damage attic vent

identify this as most likely coming from gray squirrels in attic, as opposed to creatures such as rats, mice or raccoons, if it happens during the day. All the other rodents that might invade your home are active at night.

If you are fond of squirrels and admire their cute, cuddly appearance and their clever ways, you might wonder why it is necessary to get rid of squirrels from your attic. However, although squirrels are undoubtedly cute, you have to remember that, like rats, they are rodents, and the word rodent refers to a creature that has strong incisor teeth and uses them to gnaw through things. Squirrels use their teeth to get into your attic, and to make themselves at home once they are there.

Squirrel Removal From Attic

This is why the squirrel in attic problem poses dangers to your home, as well as causing damage. Once the squirrels have made their entry, they will make a nest, which they usually do by shredding wall paper, roofing material, or insulation round pipes. If you have pipes or wires in the attic, the squirrels are likely gnaw on them. It has been

squirrel removal entrance point

Flying squirrel not happy with me poking around his attic entry point.

estimated that about 50 percent of house fires in the country of unknown cause are due to squirrels and other rodents chewing on electrical wirings. In addition, it is very common for their wire gnawing to cause tripping of alarm systems and power outages, chewing through PVC plumbing frequently results in water damage.

To decide how to get rid of squirrel, the first step is to find out how the squirrel in attic gets there. The most common entry point is where the roof meets the eaves or the fascias, especially if the vents are not properly sealed. For effective prevention, it is a good idea to seal off all vents and cut away all tree branches that come close to the house (10ft). If they have easy access from trees, squirrels can chew their way through wooden fascia boards, even if the vents are sealed.

If the squirrel in attic problem is already there, the problem of how to get rid of squirrel becomes more acute. Most repellents are ineffective, and poisoning is not a good idea as  the dead animal causes an appalling odor, and will draw insects. The most effective and preferred method is trapping for squirrel removal, and there are certainly plenty of traps of different types on the market. It is no good placing them in the attic, as squirrels are less likely to enter them – traps should be placed on the roof.

The big problem with trapping is what do you do with the squirrel when you trap it?  It is illegal to get rid of squirrel in a state or town park. You would need land owners written permision to release on someones property, but who would want a squirrel that knows how nice attic

Wires chewed by squirrels

Wires chewed by squirrels

living is?  The answer is no one wants a squirrel in attic.

The advice from most experts, therefore, is that to get rid of squirrel is a job for a professional, as is most any type of wildlife control. If you are used to fixing domestic problems, for instance rewiring, yourself, you may think that trapping squirrels would be a simple matter, without the correct tools and the right training, including expertise in squirrel behavior, it will prove very difficult, and you may end up training the squirrel to avoid traps. Squirrel in attic is a serious problem, and solving it successfully requires a careful and specialized approach. Give us a call to get rid of squirrels 860-510-6313

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