Skunk Breeding season, Love is in the air

Skunk breeding season is upon us, and love is in the air literally.

Skunk breedin season

Pepe Le Pew

February – March is the breeding time of the skunk. You may have noticed that you have been smelling skunk for the past couple of weeks. Driving you may have noticed more skunks hit on the road. The male skunk will travel many miles at this time of year searching for a mate. Just like Pepe Le Pew, they are oblivious to all else but finding a mate. He will be traveling in areas that are foreign to him and may spend the day under your shed, or porch just passing through.  When they are breeding on your property you have probably been woken up in the middle of the night eyes watering, and coughing, or gaging because the smell is so strong. Now is the time to remove the skunks before she has a litter. Male skunks will sometimes fight to the death, and will spray each other for the right to mate. Female skunks will also spray suitors that are not up to her standards. They can be for the lack of a better term be trigger happy, and may spray you or your pet if you get too close. Finding a skunk sleeping out in the semi open is more common this time of year. The skunks can be wounded, or just plain exhausted from their night of fighting.  If you are brave enough to approach it be careful skunks can carry many diseases including rabies, and distemper. Relocating skunks in Connecticut is illegal.  Skunks  are a rabies vector species RVS and transporting one from one area to the next can spread rabies to that area. The animal may look and act healthy and still be infected with rabies. The typical signs of rabies appear in the later stages of the disease. If you require professional skunk removal in Connecticut give us a call 860-510-6313. Have a question about skunk breeding season, or any other wildlife question shoot off an email to