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Skunk warning prior to spraying

Skunk Removal Essex CT

Skunks have been active in Essex CT lately. Skunks under sheds, skunks under steps. Had a large skunk stuck in a window well. One persons dog was sprayed and they made the mistake of letting him in the house. If your dog is sprayed by a skunk do not let them in the house. Dogs will run around trying to wipe the skunk spray off on your rugs and furniture.  For Essex CT Skunk Removal call RF Wildlife 860-510-6313 I am located on the border between Old Saybrook and Essex.

Skunk Breeding season starts late winter.

You may notice in Essex CT that around February the smell of skunk is common.  This is a good time to check under decks, under sheds and under steps for den sites. Here is a couple of picture of what a skunk entry looks like.

Skunk removal CT

skunk den under shed


skunk under house

A skunks entrance under a porch in CT


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