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Snake removal service – snakes removed from a bedroom, East Lyme, Connecticut.

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A Removal from a bedroom East Lyme, CT

 The picture above is of a black rat snake which we removed from a bedroom closet in East Lyme, CT. The reason most are found in the home is that they  are looking for food, water, or shelter. This black rat snake was tracking mice.


What to do if you find a snake your house and require professional emergency snake removal.

If possible keep it isolated in one room. This can be done by closing off doors and putting rolled up towels to seal the cracks. If safe monitor the area until help arrives.
Identification of the reptile is not possible over the phone. Some of the snakes look totally different as juveniles then when they are adults.

Milk snake removal from basement in Colchester CT

Milk snake removal from basement in Colchester CT


Venomous snakes, in Connecticut: Copperhead, and rattlesnakes.


Connecticut is home to two native species of venomous snakes. Copperheads are the most common, followed by timber rattlesnake. Copperheads and rattlesnakes are pit vipers. With sensory pits between eye and nostril. These pits are used to sense warm-blooded prey. They give birth to live young which are venomous from the moment they are born. Copperheads habitat Rocky outcroppings in forests, and edges of swamps. Rattlesnakes habitat Rocky wooded slopes.

When is snake removal or snake trapping needed?

This all depends on the customer. Some people just seeing one on their property is spooky enough to require removal. Some species cannot be removed from your property because of state law. Black rat snakes and rattlesnakes are protected. Obviously if one is in your house it needs to be removed. The best way to get rid of the snake in your house is to capture them manually. In some cases they cannot be found and trapping will be required. We use custom-made glue traps to trap snakes with.

Snakes in a garage.

It is very common to have a snake in a garage during the summer time. The snakes are usually moving into your garage to cool down on hot days. A garage door left open is the most common way these snakes get in. Sometimes the snake will be hunting rodents that are living in the garage.

Snakeskin found behind concrete steps Lyme, Connecticut

Snakeskin found behind concrete steps in Branford, Connecticut

What can be done to keep protected species off my property?

The best way to keep them off your property is habitat modification. We will do a full inspection and identify the things that need to be changed. This may include clearing brush removing debris. Decks and sheds may need wire mesh installed to keep snakes out from underneath.

How to keep snakes out of your home?

Once the animals are out of the home. It is time to make sure they do not get back in. We will do a full inspection of the exterior of your home. To determine the entrance points and possible entry points. These areas will need to be sealed preferably with metal and foam or caulking. Sealing the holes without putting metal is not useful because most of the time those holes are used by rodents which the snake was following in the first place. Rodents will chew through foam.

snakeskins  in attic North Haven CT

snake skin found in attic North Haven CT

RF Wildlife provides emergency snake removal service. The most common snakes we remove from homes are black rat, garter, milk snake and ringneck snakes. These four species are non-venomous. Give RF Wildlife a call to get rid of your snakes 860-510-6313


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