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Opossum remove from Waterford, Connecticut

Opossum removed from Waterford, Connecticut

Many people spell opossum (possum), though these are two separate animal’s. Possums come from Australia, Indonesia, and the small islands of the Pacific. They are totally different species. The only thing in common is that both are marsupials. Marsupials have a pouch on their stomach in which they raise their young. They are not only North America’s only marsupial. They also can boast having the most teeth 50. Possums are omnivores. They will eat anything from cat food, fruits, vegetables, garbage, and roadkill. Their immune system is one of the best allowing them to eat rotten foods inedible to other animals. When threatened they may play dead “playing possum“. This is a defensive strategy. They also smell bad, like they are dead helping them with their acting.

Getting rid of possums:

Opossum can be found living under decks, sheds, porches, and in garages.  I also find possum living in attics though this is less common. When they are in attics. They make a mess with their droppings. They will steal cat and dog food, and will sometimes use pet doors.  They have a short lifespan of about three years, and are one of the more common dead animals we remove from homes. The best way to get rid of possums is by trapping. They can also be removed by hand, but I do not advise doing this yourself. They can defend themselves like any other wild animal.

Possum trapped in Branford, Connecticut

Possum trapped in Branford, Connecticut


Trapping Possum:

Possum are not overly difficult to trap, but frequent the same places that skunks prefer.  I am called out often when a homeowner trying to trap a possum ends up with a skunk. I know of no bait that will just attract possum and not appeal to skunks.  Give us a call for your opossum removal needs.  860-510-6313