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Groundhog Removal:

If you have ever awoken to find a number of small dirt piles in your yard, you may suspect a woodchuck infestation. This would actually be a mole problem, woodchucks will make one large dirt pile at their main entrance for a look out spot. The animals are well-known pests throughout the United States, and are known as both woodchucks and groundhogs. Understanding the animals is the key to understanding why they harm your property, and finding the right service to help you get rid of the animals is the only way to live in peace with them. Woodchuck  removal takes into account the nature of the animals and can help you to limit the harm to your home or business.

Woodchuck removal

Woodchuck family removed from a Connecticut yard

The Biology and Habits of the  CT Woodchuck:

The woodchuck, or groundhog, is a creature built for living underground. With a squat body and burrowing claws, it can easily make its way through the dirt and darkness. Smaller than one might imagine, most of the animals are less than two feet long and weight less than ten pounds. They are largely sedate creatures, spending most of their

woodchuck / Groundhog control CT

woodchuck / groundhog control CT

lives creating safe burrows for their young and occasionally enjoying the sun during the warmer months. Once a burrow is established, the animals tend to stay within a relatively close proximity to their home, especially when the young are present.

The Damage They Cause:

Woodchuck  removal is especially important due to the nuisance that the animals cause. The primary concern that leads to woodchuck (groundhog) removal is usually the catastrophic cosmetic damage that the animals can cause to a yard. Their digging can become quite noticeable, and those that create burrows can cause permanent damage to a yard. Beyond the cosmetic damage, the animals do present a real health and safety factor; the tunnels and burrows can cause holes and divots in a field or yard, leading to possible injury of both humans and livestock.

Why Woodchuck  Removal Services?

Woodchuck  removal is important for both the safety of human residents and the animals themselves. The damage to the yard can cause dangerous instabilities that can lead to an eventual clash between human and woodchuck, with the somewhat fragile animals often sustaining damage from other animals when removed from their homes forcibly. Groundhog removal can also be incredibly helpful for those that own farms and gardens, as the creatures are quite likely to both eat food that is ripe and to destroy seeding efforts. While the woodchucks do need to eat, it should not be at the expense of the owners of the land.

Woodchuck removal is done cleanly and humanely. Rather than using harmful chemicals, the animals are humanely trapped and released back into the wild. This can not only protect one’s lawn, but it can give the woodchuck a chance to re-establish itself in a safer environment. The creatures do cause harm to human health and wellness, but humane trapping can allow them to live out their lives in areas that will not cause further damage to lawns or homes. Trapped woodchucks will never return, creating a solution that is tenable for all. In need of Groundhog control service? Give us a call 860-510-6313.

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